Reading 4

We are reading "Welcome to Chinatown! This is a story with a genre of Reader's Theater, so it's going to be a little more challenging on the test this week!  Study Hard!  Please remember your child must have 100 points by the end of this nine weeks and must have an accuracy of 85% or better on his/her report. We will have Reading and Vocabulary Friday. We are on Lesson 25's Story. We will be testing and continue testing!

Study Story and Vocabulary all Week!

Study HARD!!!

Each child has a different goal to meet this nine weeks instead of the same one. Your child must have 100 points by the end of the school year, though.


We are starting to have DEAR Time after lunch. D- Drop E- Everything A- And R- Read

Drop Everything and Read! :)

20-30  minutes; no talking, no AR Testing, no Library 

Due to Reniassance Place Restrictions, we can no longer take TESTS AT HOME! Can we take test at home? NO! Sorry (: